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Clockwise, from top left: riot police face protesters; police move in to contain rioting civilians; a protester defies police; burned-out vans; an abandoned barricade; and protesters retreat from tear gas

Athens, December 6th 2008. 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos is shot dead by police officer Epaminondas Korkoneas. Three weeks of chaos and rioting ensue, raising a number of as yet unanswered questions, concerning the problems, challenges, and goals of a marginalized young generation. One year later, Gamma and I present the interviews taken from three young people, who each gives us their own perspective.
These people are: Yorgos Panzaris, a Stanford history department alum, who mantains his own blog here, Yiannis Sakellaridis, a Stanford math department alum, and Alex an old friend of Gamma’s.
I have not been posting here for the last seven months, mostly because of lack of time. This time, however, I felt that it was worth it. It’s been a year since the troubles in Athens and it only feels like things are getting more complicated rather than clearer. Greece is on the brink of one of the toughest economic crises in its modern history and it’s pretty clear that young people, like the ones that were on the streets last year, are the ones that are going to bear the brunt of this.
On a lighter note, you can listen to the music that I played after the show here:
(There’s a bit of overlap with the talk show, due to poor editing).

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