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Room For A Ghost live at the Bottom of the Hill

Room For A Ghost live at the Bottom of the Hill

Show playlist is here. You can stream the show here:

Room For A Ghost, a local band were in the studio last time. They play a very energetic brand of math rock. Think of a mix of Don Cab with Kinski and maybe some elements of The Fucking Champs… Well I’m not very good at describing bands but I know one think for sure: they rock! I’ve already seen them live a couple of times and I would definitely recommend it. They put out a great show. Up till now they have been a 3-piece instrumental band but they are adding a singer now. I’m interested to see how that will work out. Check out their myspace page for updates and news.

It was fun having them on the radio and making them read PSAs and stuff. I also like getting people to choose music and to tell me why they like a particular song… Hopefully they’ll come back to KZSU and play in our Wednesday night live special.

Right, what’s new on the music radar? Well this local band The Bad Hand is really good. Probably one of the most interesting cds in our a-file right now. Again energetic, slighlty proggy instrumental rock. You should also check ot this LA-based band Abe Vigoda. Supposedly they play tropical punk-rock. Whatever it is, it’s good. Finally make sure you check out Ponytail. Think of the Fucking Champs with crazy vocals.


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