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Interstellar Overdrive

Interstellar Overdrive

Playlist is here. Stream the show here:

You know I am starting to see that playing a radio show over a long period of time is a bit taxing in terms of creativity. I mean, I am finding myself playing the same things again and again and again. But I guess this is life right? How much music can we poor limited human beings digest, right? Well then once in a while you discover a group which sounds refreshing and familiar at the same time. Take for example the Greek indie rockers Interstellar Overdrive. These guys have been around since the late nineties and they play some high quality stuff. I got their latest record Hibernation, and it really sounds like a cool mix of Tindersticks, Nick Cave, and Calexico, together with a healthy dose of Sonic Youth style noisy experimentalism. Highly recommended.

Black Swan Green playing live

Oh yeah, if you are interested in new acts that do the whole shoegaze noise-rock thing, do not miss out on Black Swan Green. These guys from Brooklyn play some cool stuff and have a pretty good appreciation of bands such as My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain. Beautiful stuff, probably some of my favorite recent discoveries. This again thanks to our a-file here at KZSU. Alright, that’s it for now, got my two band descriptions, got my word out there, I will be back soon with more pointless gibberish. If you are reading this, thanks for getting this far.

Oh last thing: I got two slots next week. I will be playing 3-6 pm on Tuesday March 17th and my regular slot of 8-10 pm on Thursday night.


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