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The Wipers playing...

The Wipers playing...

Wow, I just love the Wipers… Probably my obsession with them has to do with the fact that I discovered them pretty late. But what a band! Greg Sage is just a blazing guitarist and that’s not only because of his technique. The sound that he manages to get out of his guitar is incredible and what’s more he seems to be able to get a lot out of very limited means. Most of their songs sound like they were recorded in a basement but that’s actually positive rather tha negative! It’s just the purest form of punk diy attitude that I can think of. Add to that the really tight rhythm section as well as their very political and very meaningful lyrics and you probably have one of the best (and most overlooked) band in punk rock’s history. For anyone who is interested, I would recommend this triple CD out by Zeno records.


Trypes: "A concert against the cronies of St. Valentine"

Another band in this genre that I am completely obsessed with is the Greek band Trypes. They are probably the best band to come out of the Greek rock scene. The interesting thing about them is how they take elements from non-Greek bands, such as Gang of Four, and combine them with elements of Greek traditional music to create a pretty explosive mix. In their lyrics they voice a very sharp and ironical criticism about Greek society in general. They have explored a lot of territory throughout their discography and all their records are stellar. Interestingly enough, they split at a moment when they were still writing great songs (their last record is probably my favorite). Some of their members (notably the singer Giannis Aggelakas) have released solo projec. Recommended for all punk fans out there.

Ok, enough about my obsessions… We have a bunch of really good music in our A-file right now at KZSU. A good example is this band Pontiak, playing stoner falvored indie roc. Check them out. What else? These guys called Heavy Hands are pretty good too. A kind of revival of 70s style hard rock band with a lot of stoner rock influences. Pretty good stuff. Finally, for those of you who love psychedelic freakouts, make sure to check out Sujo. Weird, crazy, noisy stuff…



  1. I got into the Wipers when SubPop did the reissue/”greatest hits” around ’93. Greg Sage & Dave Coupal also played on this number in ’71:

    Can’t stop the TRUE rock n’ wrestling connection! Oh and the Wipers are rulin’.

    • azymnis
    • Posted March 1, 2009 at 10:54 pm
    • Permalink

    Wow, pretty weird little video… Sage must have been pretty young then, right?

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