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Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Panda Bear - Person Pitch

Show playlist is here.

I have a really great apreciation for artists and especially musicians that can keep things simple. Take Panda Bear for example. His solo record Person Pitch uses really simple ideas, like pretty major  guitar chords, a bit of reverb, and some basic loops to create a semi-magical experience. I don’t know what you call this. Dream pop? Psychedelic folk? No idea, and I guess it doesn’t matter. This stuff is just really really good.

What else is good around these days at KZSU? We have an excellent reissue (Flood Bank) of the first couple of records of this British post-punk band called The Lines. Excellent dark disco-punk of the same variety as Gang Of Four and A Certain Ratio. Definitely check it out. Speaking of post-punk, I also played a song by a band which has been a personal obsession of mine for a while: The Sound. They are another underrated band from that era that I believe deserves much more attention. Finally make sure to check out the Religious Knives, with their strange revivalist taste of 60s experimental rock.

Not much more to talk about this week. I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep this blog updated. First of all it feels a bit like talking to myself, since not many people are actually reading it. Second, I have been really busy recently with work.



    • SammyFranco
    • Posted January 29, 2009 at 2:26 am
    • Permalink

    do we have thee lines in the library, im very curious now.

    also, do you want to see don cab 2-15-08 with former hella lineup as sBach?

    • azymnis
    • Posted January 29, 2009 at 11:01 am
    • Permalink

    Yeah we do… We have one of their records in the a-file and one in the library. Check them out…

    I’m up for don cab and the new hella lineup. Have you bought tickets?

  1. Due to my hard-rock/metal addled brain, I did the ticket give as “sBach…that’s not Sebastain Bach from Skid Row (and Madame X, etc).”

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