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Tarentel live at Terrastock 4

Tarentel live at Terrastock 4

Show playlist is here.

Out of all these bands in the so called post-rock genre, Tarentel are definitely one of the best. It would be difficult for me to explain how their music is like, since I have only really listened to two of their records: their 1999 debut “From Bone to Satellite”, and their collection of singles “Ephemera”. Both are stellar. I opened my show this morning with the first track of their first record, a 12 minute hypnotic drone featuring a twangy spaghetti-western style guitar. Worth checking out for sure.

Another standout out band from today’s show is Agitation Free, a 70s German experimental rock band. Definitely one of the best prog bands I’ve heard in a while. I played an Acid Mother’s Temple song too. These guys are out of their fucking mind. They’re a Japanese experimental rock/commune that has featured more than 40 members. Its core member however, is Makoto Kawabata, a very talented and extremely technical electric guitar player. I saw them play live at the Bottom of the Hill a few months ago and they were STUNNING. Ok another song I liked from today’s show was Circle’s Jaljet from the record Forest. So these guys are supposed to be mixing heavy metal and krautrock and they’re pretty damn good. The song I played however, sounded more like Can rather than anything else. Make sure to check out their sister project Pharaoh Overlord too. Excellent stoner rock. Oh yeah, I also discovered this band called the Warlocks (but I’m sure this is old news to a lot of people). Weird mixture of psychedelia and indie rock a la Spacemen 3 and Jesus and Mary Chain. Good stuff.

Finally I changed tempo again towards the end and played a little punk followed by some Johnny Cash and some reggae. I guess the standout track here was by this little Croatian band called Satan Panonski. Crazy Croats! This was sent to KZSU by our friend from Slusaj Najglasnije (translation: Listen Loudest). Wow! The cdr’s that he sends us tend to be very interesting to say the least!


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