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Funkadelics Maggot Brain Cover

Funkadelic's Maggot Brain Cover

Show playlist is here.

Ok, I know most people hate to admit their ignorance and this is generally true for me too. However, I will be honest. I have not really listened to Funkadelic, and up to the best of my knowledge, they play funky music that makes people want to shake their ass and that’s about it. It turns out I am pretty wrong. Take Maggot Brain for example. What a record! Amazing mix of so many genres: hard rock, funk, sould, gospel, psychedelia… And especially what a bitching guitar solo in the title track by Eddie Hazel. The CD liner notes say that George Clinton told him to play the first half as if he heard his mother had just died and play the second half as if he then heard that she was still alive. I guess that pretty much explains it. Definitely one of the best old records I have heard in a while.

Ok, what else did I play today? There’s Novalis, an impressive German prog band that was in KZSU’s a-file about a year ago. Their song Impressionen, is just pure epic classically inspired bliss. I also played Bay Area locals Wooden Shjips. Tasty noisy drones and psychedelia. I will try and catch them live on December 12th at the Independent. I also really liked this Montreal-based experimental trio called Exhaust, featuring members of Godspeed, as well as this Berlin post-rock trio called To Rococo Rot. Weird stuff but still enjoyable…

I then got a bit into reggae and world music. I hadn’t done so for a while. I often forget how much effort some DJs at the station put into getting the a-file full of good stuff from all over the world. I would definitely recommend the collection Eccentric Soul: The Young Disciples, another excellent record by the Numero Group. Also worth of note is Tony Allen’s (Fela Kuti’s drummer) Afro Disco Beat, which is a reissue of his first four solo records.

Another switch at the end got me playing some less energetic stuff: John Fahey and his absolutely gorgeous guitar work, a strange psychedelic folk artist called Joseph Davancens, as well alt-country band 16 Horsepower. I closed the set with Goblin, the highly influential Italian horror film soundtrack band.


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  1. maggot brain…a must for those who think that guitar solos are out of date and of low aesthetics.

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